Sky Sports

British television channels focusing on sports broadcasting

Sky Sports is a group of ten channels. The channels are owned by a major company named British Sky Broadcasting. It is the most powerful sports television company in the United Kingdom.

Sky Sports is known for its major football coverage and helped launch the FA Premier League in 1992.

Sky Sports has a series of well known shows such as Soccer AM, which is a morning chat show with jokes, it is sponsored by Gillette Soccer Saturday.

On 22 August 1999, Sky Sports launched Sky Sports Active. The first game was Arsenal vs Manchester United. It gave the viewer to focus either on one player, or look at different camera angles. It soon proved to be successful, and Sky decided to continue it. It can be accessed by pressing the Red Button on your Sky Digital Remote. On 26 August 2014, Sky Sports Active closed and was replaced by Sky Sports split screen (Only on Sky Q 1TB Box and Sky Q 2TB Box)

On 24 November 2002, Sky Sports won the rights to air the UEFA Champions League, with ITV. They had beaten channels such as the BBC and Channel 4 to win it. Part of the deal had stated that ITV would air two games on a Sunday and Sky Sports would air 2 games on a Monday. Sky soon launched an 8-screen 'Champions League Interactive' channel which showed 8 live games.

In November 2006, Sky Sports launched their News advertisement. This ad, with the text "THE UK's FIRST SPORTS NEWS STATION" ran until January 2007 in the UK and Ireland. Sky Sports News launched on TV at the time.