Sleep mode

suspend mode for electronic devices which maintains state in volatile memory

Sleep mode is a low power mode that some electronic devices use to save power while they are on. Some electronic devices that are able to use sleep mode include TVs, computers, and remote controls. During sleep mode, the electronic device will use very little power while they are still running. This allows the user to be able to turn the electronic device back on immediately even if the electronic device is running with less power than normal. It's also known as "standby mode." In this mode, the screen and hard disks turn off to save power. But, the memory (RAM) keeps working to remember things. The main processor (CPU) slows down to use less power too. When you touch a key or move the mouse, the computer wakes up quickly and is ready to use again. There are other modes like power-down and hybrid sleep for saving power too.[1]

Sleep mode symbol


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