Snowstar Records

Dutch independent record label based in Utrecht

Snowstar Records is an independent Dutch record label based in Utrecht. The label was founded in 2003 by Cedric Muyres. Snowstar is specialised in Indie, singer/songwriter and folk. Signed artists include I Am Oak, Donna Blue, Jack Poels, Remy van Kesteren and broeder Dieleman.



Since 2003 Snowstar Records is active in the alternative pop music scene. Initially as a punk rock label operating from Limburg, but the focus shifted to indie, singer/songwriter, folk and americana. Since 2008 the label is based in Utrecht. With the release of I Am Oak, On Claws in 2010 the label obtained a high brand awareness.

Stefan Breuer (band member I Am Oak and Lost Bear) is involved in the production process (recording and mixing) by most of the releases from Snowstar Records, while Tammo kersbergen (also band member I Am Oak and Lost Bear) has provided much of the mastering.

In 2008 Snowstar Record celebrated their fiftieth anniversary with five new releases and a party in DB’s, Utrecht (the Netherlands).


Year Price Award Music
2010 3voor12/Utrecht award Best Album I Am Oak - On Claws
2011 3voor12 award Best Album I Am Oak - Oasem
2011 Radio 3FM #88 song of the year I Am Oak - Curt
2013 3voor12/Utrecht award Best initiative from Utrecht[1] n/a

Rest of the World / abroad


Snowstar is also building on their releases abroad, by working together with foreign labels. The album from The Secret Love Parade is released in Japan and the albums from I Am Oak in Belgium and Germany.



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