Sobhuza II

King of Swaziland (1899-1982)

Sobhuza II, KBE (also known as Nkhotfotjeni,[1] Mona [2]) (22 July 1899 – 21 August 1982) was the Paramount Chief and later King of Swaziland for 82 years. He is the longest-reigning monarch in recorded history.[3][4]

Sobhuza in 1945

Sobhuza was born on 22 July 1899 at Zombodze Royal Residence, the son of Inkhosikati Lomawa Ndwandwe and King Ngwane V. When he was only four months old, his father died suddenly while dancing incwala (a traditional celebration of kingship). Sobhuza was chosen King soon after that, and his grandmother Labotsibeni and uncle Prince Malunge led the Swazi nation until his maturity in 1921.[5]

According to the Swaziland National Trust Commission, King Sobhuza II married 70 wives, who gave him 210 children between 1920 and 1970. About 180 children survived infancy, and 97 sons and daughters are reported living. At his death he had more than 1000 grandchildren.[6]

Sobhuza was supported by Apartheid South Africa[7] and led Swaziland through independence until his death in 1982. He was succeeded by Mswati III, his young son with Inkhosikati Ntfombi Tfwala, who was crowned in 1986.


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