group of people connected to each other
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Society is the term to describe human beings together (collective, the sum of their social networks and social interactions). The term comes from the Latin idea of societas, or the connection between friends or allies (friend or ally being socius). It can also mean a specific group of people who interact, as well as a wider society of which they are members. People form societies to gain greater benefits as a group than would be possible separately. Many animals beside humans also do this, such as wolves or eusocial insects. Sociology is the name for the study of society.

A society is often considered in terms of citizenship, rights, and ethics. The strength and unity of any society's members' willingness to help each other is to be measured can be called social capital.

A social contract sets out the rules and roles for this kind of cooperation. One kind of social contract is a constitution – which outlines to some extent what society in a given state is intended to look like.