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Socks are often worn on a person's feet. They absorb sweat and help to keep the foot dry. Socks also give comfort to people's feet and keep them warm in cold weather. They are usually made of cotton or wool. Some socks can cover only the foot and ankle, and others may be long enough to cover the entire lower leg up to the knee. Toe socks are socks that wrap each toe separate from the others. Socks can be worn on the feet. Socks come in an array of different colors. Generally, white socks are worn for everyday or athletic use, and dark socks (black, brown, gray, or navy blue) are worn with business or formal wears. Some dress socks have patterns on them; these are called "argyles".

Toe socks

Phone socks Edit

People often refer to sleeves that cover phones as 'socks'. These come in many different forms, colourful or plain. They help to protect the mobile phone whilst also being a stylish addition. Not many people use phone socks anymore because they seem to be old and out of use however some people still prefer to use them

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