Sodium chlorite

chemical compound

Sodium chlorite is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is NaClO2. It contains sodium and chlorite ions.

Properties change

Sodium chlorite is a colorless solid. It is a powerful oxidizing agent. It disproportionates sometimes. It forms the unstable chlorous acid when reacted with a strong acid.

Preparation change

It is made by reducing chlorine dioxide in a basic solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Uses change

Sodium chlorite can be used to disinfect water. Since chlorine dioxide is too reactive to store, sodium chlorite is stored and converted to chlorine dioxide before use. It is also used as a disinfectant. It can be used in oxidation reactions in organic chemistry.

Safety change

It is similar to chlorates in toxicity. Ingestion of about 10 grams would be fatal. A smaller amount could make someone very sick.

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