Canadian pop band

soulDecision was a Canadian pop band from Vancouver, British Columbia.

OriginVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
GenresPop, R&B
Years active1993–2005
LabelsMGM, Sextant
Past member(s)Trevor Guthrie
David Bowman
Ken Lewko
James Reid
Adam Stillman

soulDecision was formed in 1993 under the original name, Indecision. They changed their name to soulDecision because of naming conflicts. Even though the band started during the boy band era, they were not a boy band, as they played their own instruments and wrote their own music. The band released their debut full-length album No One Does It Better on August 22, 2000 in Canada. The album featured their hit single "Faded" which reached #1 on Canada's singles chart as well as #22 in the United States.[1] The album also featured the single "Ooh It's Kinda Crazy" which reached #1 in Canada and was the number one request on MTV's Total Request Live at the time.[2] The band toured with Destiny's Child, Christina Aguilera and 'N Sync.[2]

Lead singer Trevor Guthrie left the band in 2005 to write and record his first solo record. The group split up after.






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