Space Station Processing Facility

facility at Kennedy Space Center used for the manufacture and processing of space hardwares

The Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF) is a factory building at the Kennedy Space Center's industrial complex. [1]

Inside the SSPF, with many engineers and technicians manufacturing ISS parts

It was built in 1994 to make parts for the International Space Station and test them for launch.

Today, the SSPF is used to make and process all of NASA's future space station components, such as the Lunar Gateway and resupply vehicles for International Space Station.

The building has a total floor area of 42,000 sq meters, is four stories high, and contains two enormous cleanrooms that serve as the main manufacturing bay. The building also has a ballroom for lectures, meetings and dinner events; office space for laboratories and computers; a canteen (with a restaurant and refreshment area), and several visitor areas. Tours are free (included in the KSC visitor complex bus tour), and show many areas of the factory.

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