Space suit

gas-tight protective suit for astronauts who are in the vacuum of space

A spacesuit is the specialised covering of protective clothing worn by astronauts when they travel into outer space occasional cases such as extravehicular activity (EVA) or into the upper atmosphere. Spacesuits are completely sealed, so that an astronaut can survive in the harsh, cold, and airless environment of space. Spacesuits have their own heating and cooling systems and a radio communication system. Spacesuits also provide a supply of fresh air for the astronauts to breathe and create a normal atmospheric pressure. Spacesuits cover the entire body, and they have gloves for the hands and a helmet for the head, including a clear visor for the face. Astronauts wear spacesuits when they fly in the space shuttle, rockets, or space stations. For Extravehicular activity they wear a heavier, more complex kind of spacesuit.

An astronaut in a space suit

Parts of Space suit change

Space suit Upper Torso

A generalised, typical space suit is made of several pieces which has various properties.