Speed of Sound (roller coaster)

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Speed of Sound is a Boomerang coaster in Walibi Holland in the Netherlands. It is manufactured by Vekoma and opened in 2000 as La Via Volta. It operated until 2007 when the park announced it would be shut down. In the same year, the train was sold to Pleasurewood Hills to be operating on Wipeout, also a boomerang coaster. On January 30, 2011, Walibi World announced that the roller coaster will reopen in 2011, with a new style train from Vekoma. The coaster was renamed to Speed of Sound and the track was painted orange. The coaster also has a unique tunnel on the lift hill where the train go through before starting the ride.

Speed of Sound
Previously known as La Via Volta
Walibi Holland
LocationWalibi Holland
Park sectionW.A.B Plaza
Coordinates52°26′26″N 5°46′05″E / 52.440630°N 5.768123°E / 52.440630; 5.768123
Opening date2011 (2011)
General statistics
TypeSteel – Shuttle – Boomerang
Lift/launch systemChain Lift Hill
Height116.5 ft (35.5 m)
Length935 ft (285 m)
Speed47 mph (76 km/h)
Inversions3 inversions. Each completed both forwards and backwards.
Max vertical angle56°
Capacity760 riders per hour
Height restriction48 in (122 cm)
TrainsSingle train with 7 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 28 riders per train.
Speed of Sound at RCDB
Pictures of Speed of Sound at RCDB

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