Sport1 Medien


Sport1 Medien AG is a media company based in Ismaning, Germany, which works worldwide.[1]

Sport1 Medien AG
Company typeAktiengesellschaft
HeadquartersIsmaning, Germany
Key people
Olaf Schroder (President)
Paul Graf (Supervisory board)
Revenue€119 million (2018)
Number of employees
583 (2018)


  • 1989: Thomas Haffa founded EM.TV, which stands for "Entertainment, Merchandising, TV."[2]
  • 1996: Junior, a TV channel with licenses for animated shows, was created.
  • 1997: EM.TV became a public company and expanded.
  • 1999: EM.TV bought Tele München Gruppe and created home video company Planet Junior.
  • 2000: EM.TV bought The Jim Henson Company and 50% of Formula One's holding company, SLEC Ltd.
  • 2001: Werner Klatten became CEO and restructured the company, selling holdings and buying a German sports TV station.
  • 2003: The Henson family bought The Jim Henson Company back from EM.TV.
  • 2007: EM.TV bought a stake in Swiss media company Highlight Communications AG.
  • 2008: The company changed its name to EM.Sport Media AG and sold its children's catalogue to Studio 100.
  • 2009: The company changed its name to Constantin Medien AG.
  • 2018: Highlight Communications AG took over the company.
  • 2019: The company was delisted from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and changed its name to Sport1 Medien AG.


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