Japanese video game company

Square Co., Ltd also known as SquareSoft Inc. was a video game company in Japan. Masafumi Miyamoto started SquareSoft in 1986. It joined with Enix to become SquareEnix in 2003.

Square Co., Ltd
Company typeKabushiki gaisha
IndustryVideo games
FoundedSeptember 1986; 35 years ago
FounderMasafumi Miyamoto
DefunctApril 1, 2003; 19 years ago
FateMerged with Enix
SuccessorSquare Enix
HeadquartersMeguro, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
  • Tomoyuki Takechi, Chairman
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi, EVP (1991-2001)
  • Hizashi Suzuki, CEO & President (1995-2001)
  • Yoichi Wada, CFO (2000-2001), & President (2001-2003)
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Number of employees
888 (September 2002)