Star Wars: TIE Fighter

1994 video game

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is a space flight simulator game that came out in 1994. It takes place in the Star Wars universe and has starfighters and other spacecraft from the movies and books. The player flies starfighters for the Galactic Empire in various missions.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Developer(s)Totally Games
Designer(s)Lawrence Holland
Edward Kilham
Composer(s)Peter McConnell Edit this on Wikidata
SeriesStar Wars: X-Wing Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s)DOS, Macintosh
ReleaseJuly 1994
Genre(s)Space simulation

TIE Fighter takes place in several parts with different storylines. In early missions the player fights against members of the Rebel Alliance, as well as space pirates and other enemies. There is also a story section where the player helps the Empire mediate between two groups that have been at war but say they want a peace treaty.

Later in the game, the player helps find out about a plot by a traitor Admiral to leave the Empire and join the Rebellion, and steal Imperial ships and technology. The rest of the game is about the player working with the Empire to stop the traitors.



In TIE Fighter, the player is a starfighter pilot who flies in combat missions. The game is normally played in first person from the view of the cockpit, but the player can also choose third person camera. There are many starfighters the player can fly, but some can not be used until later in the game. For many missions the player can choose which starfighter to fly and what warheads to use during the mission.

Most missions are combat missions. The player fights enemy starfighters, as well as "capital ships", which are very large starcraft that are hard to destroy. Different missions have different goals. Sometimes the player will escort supplies, scan other spacecraft, or simply hunt enemy ships.

Since the game is in space there is no gravity and the player can fly in any direction. Each starfighter the player can use has laser guns and many have warheads and rechargeable shields.