Stop Stansted Expansion

campaign group, formed in 2002, to oppose the expansion of Stansted Airport

Stop Stansted Expansion is a pressure group established in 2002. It was originally a working group of the North West Essex and East Herts Preservation Association, in response to the Government's consultation on expanding UK airports and, particularly, expansion plans for Stansted Airport defined in 2001. It has around 7,500 members and registered online supporters and its campaign director is Carol Barbone.

Stop Stansted Expansion
Key peopleCarol Barbone, Peter Sanders
Area servedUK
FocusAnti-airport expansion
MethodCampaign Group

Aims change

The group's objective is to "restrict the development of Stansted Airport within tight limits that are truly sustainable and, in this way, to protect the quality of life of its supporters over wide areas of Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk, to preserve local heritage and to protect the natural environment."

The organisation delayed the time-frame for second runway plans for Stansted by four years (from 2011 to 2015).[1]

If the plans went ahead, there would be climate change effects. The predicted annual equivalent carbon dioxide emissions ( they are around 5 million tonnes a year at present) are 12 million tonnes annually with full use of the existing runway and up to 23 million tonnes a year with a second runway.

Government response change

On the 9th October 2008, the UK Government approved an increase in Stansted's permitted passenger throughput from 25 million passengers per annum to 35 million using the existing runway following a Public Enquiry.[2] Stop Stansted Expansion described this decision as "entirely predictable, cynical and unjustified".[3] After this announcement, on 14 November, Stop Stansted Expansion lodged an Appeal with the High Court.[4]

A key part of the campaign against the second runway is to stimulate letters of objection to the application. Uttlesford District Council has received over nine thousand representations to date.[5]

Figures change

Passenger traffic at Stansted is falling sharply. The airport handled 6% fewer passenger in 2008 than in the previous year (22.3m passengers compared to 23.8m passengers in 2007). The campaign says that "increasing passenger numbers from 25mppa to 35mppa will not make any difference in the short term. Indeed, with the recent dramatic deterioration in the economic situation – both domestically and internationally – the UK is entering uncharted territory with regard to the future demand for air travel."

Public Inquiry change

BAA's Plans to get through the Public Inquiry as fast as possible for their application for a second Stansted runway (in six months) were condemned by Stop Stansted Expansion.[6] It began 15 April 2009.

The news that the Inspector appointed by the Government is looking to conduct the Inquiry at a breakneck pace was revealed in a note from the Planning Inspectorate issued ahead of the Pre Inquiry Meeting held on 10 November 2008, when the Inquiry programme and procedures were discussed at a public session. A further programming meeting was to be held on 19 January 2009.

"Running parallel sessions examining different subjects in different Inquiry rooms at the same time would severely compromise the community's ability to participate fully in the Inquiry" SSE says. "It would be impossible to conduct a fair and proper examination of BAA's plans by effectively excluding community representation by SSE and parish councils who are planning to play a leading role, said Carol Barbone, campaign director." [6]

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