Stopanska rijeka

The Stopanska rijeka – also signed as Stopanski and Stopanski potok[1] – is a right tributary of the Vrbanja river in the Kotor-Varoš Municipality, local community of Šiprage, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It originates northeast of the village Stopan, from the stream Subanj (1100 m) and the Pecan spring, at an altitude of 1000 m, between the elevations Pirevište (northwest, 1042 m) and Lepenica (southeast, 1016 m).

Stopanska rijeka
Stopan's river
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
 - locationOčauš slopes
 - elevation1100 m
 - locationVrbanja river
 - coordinates44°29′21″N 17°32′05″E / 44.48930°N 17.534844°E / 44.48930; 17.534844Coordinates: 44°29′21″N 17°32′05″E / 44.48930°N 17.534844°E / 44.48930; 17.534844
Length8 km (5.0 mi)
Basin size5 km²
Basin features
ProgressionVrbanja river

žIn the upper stream it bears the name of Burča, after the village of the same name in the north, through which the river Buračka river. The geographical and popular name Stopanska river is from the straits below one of the peaks of Lepenica (807 m).[2]

With name Burča, this river flows in the northeast – southwest direction, and as Stopanska River it turns northwest all the way below Stopan, where it makes its south-west arch and flows into Vrbanja on its great blood near Todorovici village, at altitude of 460 m. Until the 1960s, 12 watermills operated on Stopanska River, and its streams and tributaries.[3]

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