Strait of Tartary

strait in the Pacific Ocean

Strait of Tartary (Gulf of Tartary, Gulf of Tatary, Tatar Strait, Tartar Strait, Strait of Tartar) is a strait in the Pacific Ocean. It divides the Russian island of Sakhalin from mainland Asia. It connects the Sea of Okhotsk on the north with the Sea of Japan on the south. It is 900 km long, 4–20 m deep, and 7.3 km wide at the narrowest point.

The Strait of Tartary connects the Sea of Okhostsk to the Sea of Japan.


Vanino, an important port on the Strait of Tartary

Since 1973, a rail ferry goes across the strait. It connects the port of Vanino, Khabarovsk Krai on the mainland with Kholmsk on Sakhalin Island.[1][2]


Coordinates: 52°11′00″N 141°37′00″E / 52.18333°N 141.61667°E / 52.18333; 141.61667