Street prostitution

prostitution set in a public place

Street prostitution is a form of prostitution. Sex workers working in street prostitution work on the street, rather than in brothels. This form of sex work can be more dangerous than working in a brothel, but it also offers some benefits:

  • The prostitutes have more control over who they want to have sexual intercourse with
  • Very often, the prostitutes do not have to share the money they earn; for example with owners of brothels.
Street prostitution in Dortmund, Germany
Street prostitution in Turin, Italy
Many large cities in the Netherlands have created special parkings (like this one in Amsterdam) to regulate street prostitution. The specialty of these parkings is that they allow to hide certain parts of a vehicle from view.

People working in this area are often regarded as the lowest type of prostitutes, but street prostitution also allows for people to only work occasionally, for example when they need money to buy drugs.

Some of the problems associated with street prostitution also, are:

  • There are little to no controls over the prostitutes; they might be younger than legally allowed (having sex with a child is a crime), they may also have various sexually transmitted diseases, for example AIDS.
  • The clients of the prostitutes are often defrauded; that means that the prostitute does not do what was agreed upon, or that prostitutes want a higher price to do what was agreed.