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A stroller (Canada & U.S.A.) or pram (U.K) is a hand-pushed vehicle to carry babies and young infants. More general terms include child carrier, baby transport or baby carrier.

An old-fashioned pram
A typical stroller



They're criticised for reducing physical activity, a study in toronto concluded it could increase obesity by reducing physical exercise.[1]

Strollers (including foldable ones) are also hard to carry in public transportation, take place when stored, and several designs are criticised.

They are also one of the most expensive pieces of furniture for babies. Theft of those is reported to happen, sometimes bycicle locks have been used to prevent them from being stolen.

Are strollers really necessary for a baby?


Strollers are not absolutely necessary for a baby, but they can be a great convenience for parents.[2] Strollers can provide a safe and comfortable way to transport a baby, and can be a great way to get out and about with a baby. Ultimately, whether or not strollers are necessary for a baby depends on a variety of factors, including lifestyle, living situation, and personal preference. While strollers can be a helpful tool for many parents, they are not a requirement for raising a healthy and happy baby.

Types of stroller


There are several different types of strollers:

  • Standard strollers - also called full-size or regular strollers, are usually designed to allow babies to lie on their backs for the first few months. Some are designed to hold infant car seats for when the baby is older. They are usually built with enclosed sides or some type of containment. Some baby strollers may have features to stop babies from slipping through leg openings.
  • Jogging strollers - are for serious runners. Using lightweight-frames and air-filled tires, a jogging stroller provides a smooth ride for a child on nearly any surface..
  • Travel systems - include an infant car seat and a toddler stroller in a single system. The infant car seat can be used for car journeys and clicks into the toddler stroller base. Once the child has outgrown the infant seat, the toddler stroller can be used by itself.
  • Tandem or double strollers - can hold two children. In tandem designs, one child sits in back of the other, making it easier to maneuver through stores or crowds because a tandem is the same width as a single stroller.
  • Lightweight strollers or umbrella strollers - are not equipped with much padding and at times not very modifiable; however, they are normally cheaper. Lightweight strollers are best suited for toddlers and older babies, or children who are one year old and older. They are not suitable for babies because they have little head support and do not recline completely.
  • Side by side double stroller - holds two children. In side-by-side design, the children are sitting side by side.


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