working places set aside for artists to work, the term is generally applied to workspaces used by artists creating fine art, particularly art dating from the 16th century to the present

A studio is a place where an artist can work. Studios can be used for many things, such as photography, broadcasting, painting, making movies, television shows, cartoons, or music.

Adriaen van Ostade. Self portrait. 1663. Gemäldegalerie.

Movie studio change

A movie studio is most often a company that makes movies. The place where movies are made may also be called a studio, or sometimes a "sound stage" because it also records the sound.

Television studio change

A television studio is where video production takes place. It usually contains cameras, microphones, speakers, and spotlights. It is similar to a movie studio.

Recording studio change

A recording studio is used for recording music, speech, or other kinds of sound. They are typically divided into three areas: an "isolation room" that has soundproofing for playing instruments and to prevent echo, a "live room" for general recording, and a "control room" to store the recording equipment that DJ's use.