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Syed or Sayyid or Sayed is a title of honour and respect in Islam. It is originally a word from the Arabic language which means 'Sir' or 'Mister' or 'Honourable Person'.

However, the word is now also used in different parts of the world by Muslims to refer specially to a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. For example, if someone is called a 'Syed/Sayyid' in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc, then that person is descended from the prophet of Islam.

Afghanistan change

In Afghanistan, Sadat (Sayyids) were recognized as an ethnic group by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. On 13 March 2019, addressing the Sadat gathering at the presidential palace (Arg), the former president Ashraf Ghani said that he will issue a decree on the inclusion of the Sadat ethnic group in the new electronic national identity card (e-NIC).[1][2]

The former president Ashraf Ghani also decreed mentioning 'Sadat tribe' in the electronic national identity on 15 March 2019.[3]

However this recognition was revoked after the take over of the government by the Taliban on 15 August 2021 as a act of Anti-Shi'ism.

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