Talent show

event, television or radio program that focuses on the potential audition of singers, dancers, models and the like

Talent shows (or talent contests) is an event where people preform things like singing, acting, dancing, and other activities to show skills. Talent shows have become a notable genre of reality television.

Children performing at a Talent show

Talent shows change

Notun Kuri (1976), Star Search (1983), Soundmixshow (1985), Popstars (1999), Star Academy (2001), Idol (2001), Last Comic Standing (2003), Dancing with the Stars (2004), The X Factor (2004), So You Think You Can Dance (2005), Got Talent (2006), The Sing-Off (2009), The Voice (2010), Rising Star (2013), Tri Akkorda (Russian talent show) (2014), Masked Singer (2015), World of Dance (2017), The Four: Battle for Stardom (2018), All Together Now (2018) and The World's Best (2019).