Tandem trike

Tandem trike BamBuk

Tandem trike is a vehicle with three wheels for two or more people, who drive it together with their forces. It is not the same as a classic cycle rickshaw with clear separation between chauffeur and the passengers. By 2017, the following firms are known to produce tandem trikes:

  • BamBuk (Germany) [1]
  • Draisin GmbH (Germany)[2]
  • Greenspeed (Australia)[3]
  • PF mobility apS (Denmark)[4]
  • Van Raam (Netherlands) [5]
  • Worksman Cycles (USA) [6]
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Viking modifiziert
Tritan Hauler
Green Cruiser
Kyoto Cruiser Trike
Harvard's Kyoto Cruiser
Dave's Kyoto
Coach Kyoto
Fahrrad mit Liegerad-Ansatz


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