Mount Tangkuban Parahu

mountain in Indonesia
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Tangkuban Parahu is an active volcano in Indonesia. It is in Northern Bandung, Cikole, Lembang. It is about 20 km from the center of Bandung city, West Java. Tangkuban Parahu is 2084 meters above sea level or about 6873 feet high. The temperature in this area is 17 degrees Celsius at noon and can reach 2 degrees Celsius at night.[1][2]

A crater in Tangkuban Parahu.

Unlike other volcanoes, the peak of Tangkuban Parahu looks similar to an overturned boat when looked at from the side.

There is a legend, the legend of Sangkuriang which tells the origin of Tangkuban Parahu.[1]

The volcano has several craters. Some are Ratu crater, Upas crater, and Domas crater.[3]

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