Tatya Tope

leader in the Indian Rebellion of 1857

Tatya Tope also spelled Tantia Tope[a] (16 February 1814 — 18 April 1859), was an Indian freedom fighter. He was a General in the Indian Rebellion of 1857.[2] His full name is Ramachandra Pandurang Tope.

Tatya Tope
Pencil sketch of Tatya Top made at Sipri in April 1859, just before his execution
Panduranga Yewalkar

16 February 1814
Yeola, Nasik, Maratha Empire
Died18 April 1859(1859-04-18) (aged 45)
Sipri, Gwalior State, British India
MonumentsTatya Tope Memorial Madhya Pradesh
Other namesPanduranga Yewalkar
MovementIndian Rebellion of 1857

Tope was a close associate of Nana Saheb.[3] Tope and Sahib led the Indian forces in the Siege of Cawnpore.[3] The British East India Company surrendered and were told they could have safe passage. But they were attacked by Indian forces and all but 210 women and children were killed.

He fought valiantly against the British in 1857. He was very loyal to Nana Sahib.

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  1. Some sources also spell the name as Tantia Tope or Tantia Topi[1]