Taurus Group

Spanish manufacturer of small home appliances

The Taurus Group is a Spanish small appliance manufacturer located in Oliana.[1]



It was founded in a garage by Francisco Betriu de Cal Cases and Jorge Escaler in 1962 in Oliana.[2] The company had 25 employees at the time and manufactured coffee grinders and hair dryers. The creation of Taurus in 1962 represented for Oliana a sustained growth, both in population (doubling it and close to 2,500 inhabitants) and in social and economic well-being.[3]

In 1982, Taurus had 1,000 employees and exported to 48 countries.

In 1993, in a turbulent period, the company was bought by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The company was privatized in 1997, when entrepreneurs Ramón Térmens and Jorge Tornini acquired 52% of it with the commitment to keep it all.  The company continued to grow and became international. In 2012, the fiftieth anniversary was celebrated "with the pride of having innovated for three generations"  and received the Pompeu Fabra Award. In 2014, it was present in eighty countries and had seven production centers around the world, in China, India, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil.[4]


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