Template:Attempting wikibreak

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I'm trying to take a wikibreak and will be back on Wikipedia in a while. Most likely, however, I won't be able to keep away from Wikipedia for that long, and I'll probably be back a lot earlier, possibly even making some small edits every now and then anyway.

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  • The first parameter determines who is taking the break. If the parameter is either empty, 'i', 'me' or 'this user' then first person is used, otherwise third person.
  • The second parameter determines when the break is finished. If omitted, 'in a while' is assumed by default.


  • {{Attempting wikibreak}}
  • {{Attempting wikibreak||on October 31}}
  • {{Attempting wikibreak|Pizzahut2}}
  • {{Attempting wikibreak|Pizzahut2|on October 31}}