This template is intended to be placed at the top of articles about living persons that need additional references, and therefore in need of immediate attention. If the article is not about a living or recently deceased subject, use {{more sources}} instead.

Please add a date parameter. Adding a date parameter sorts the article into subcategories of Category:BLPs needing more sources and out of the parent category. This allows editors who keep an eye on biographies and BLP concerns to find articles in need of attention quickly and fix the oldest problems first.

Finally, if the article has a defaultsort, this is used for these categories as well. Otherwise, it is sorted on the first word (usually the first name).



Paste-ready version: {{BLP sources|date=July 2024}}

This template can be used with a "section" parameter to tag specific sections: {{BLP sources|section|date=July 2024}}

  • {{More sources}} - the general version of this template for non-BLP articles
  • {{BLP unsourced}} - for BLP articles that don't have any sources at all
  • {{No footnotes}} - for articles that refer to sources but lack inline citations