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This template allows you to add links to official 2011 census data into Australian articles. Because the ABS website may change, these links may change. If this template is used then all articles using this template will change with it.



{{Census 2011 AUS|id= |name= |accessdate= |quick=on}}

Lists onlyEdit

{{Census 2011 AUS|id= |link=yes}}


ABS ID for the region (note: may be different from 2006, so don't convert across without checking.)
ABS Name for the region: eg Raymond Terrace (State Suburb) or SSC11952 (Census Collection District).
Date accessed in the form dd mmmm yyyy eg 3 August 2020.
This is an optional but widely used parameter. When added at the end, generally as |quick=on, it forces QuickStats instead of a link to the "Census Community Profiles" page.
This is an optional parameter that causes a bare link to be generated instead of a citation if |link=yes and is for use in lists such as List of cities in Australia by population#50 largest Urban Centres by population. When this is the case, the only necessary parameter is id. Other parameters will not be used. This functionality is similar to that provided by {{Census 2006 AUS link}}.


As a citation (QuickStats)Edit

  • {{Census 2011 AUS|id=SSC11952|name=Raymond Terrace (State Suburb)|accessdate=3 August 2020|quick=on}} produces:
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (31 October 2012). "Raymond Terrace (State Suburb)". 2011 Census QuickStats. Retrieved 3 August 2020.

As a citation (Census Community Profiles)Edit

As a bare linkEdit

  • {{Census 2011 AUS|id=SSC11952|link=yes}} produces [1]

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