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{{Agree}} Agree
{{Disagree}}  Disagree
{{Abstain}} Abstain
{{Neutralvote}}  Neutral
{{Support}} Support
{{Oppose}} Oppose
{{Strongly support}} Strong support
{{Strong oppose}} Strong oppose
{{Weak oppose}} Weak oppose
{{Unsupport}}  I withdraw my support
{{Withdrawn}}  Request withdrawn
{{Keep}} {{vk}}  Keep
{{DeleteVote}} {{vd}}  Delete
{{Vote quickdelete}} {{vqd}} Symbol speedy delete vote.svg Quick Delete
{{Vote merge}} {{vm}}  Merge
{{Move}}  Move
{{Redir}}  Redirect
{{Done}}  Done
{{Not done}} X mark.svg Not done
{{Doing}} Pictogram voting wait.svg Doing...
{{On hold}}  On hold
{{Reopened}}  Reopened
{{Partly done}} yellow tickY Partly done
{{Half done}} yellow tickY Half done
{{Comment}}  Comment:
{{A note}} Note:
{{Editor-note}}  Editor note:
{{Clerk-note}}  Clerk note:
{{Admin-note}} Administrator note:
{{Bureaucrat-note}}  Bureaucrat note:
{{CUnote}}  Checkuser note:
{{Notice|notice here}}
{{Question}}  Question:
{{Request}} Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Request
{{Wtf}} WTF? WTF?
{{Discussing}}  Discussion ongoing...
{{Works}}  Works for me
{{Not working}}  Not working
{{Fixed}}  Fixed
{{Not fixed}}  Not fixed
{{Unnecessary}}  Unnecessary
{{Reviewed}}  Reviewed
{{Delist}}  Delist
{{Resolved mark large}}  Resolved
{{Implemented}}  Implemented
{{Fixed}}  Fixed
{{PImplemented}} check Partially implemented
{{Resolved mark}} Resolved
{{Accepted}} Accepted
{{Tick}} checkY
{{Aye}} Green tickY
{{Yes check}}  Yes
{{Xmark}} ☒N
{{X mark}} X markN
{{Nay}} Red XN
{{No mark}}  No
{{Fail}}  Fail
{{Checking}}  Checking...
{{Confirmed}}  Confirmed
{{Likely}}  Likely
{{Possible}}  Possible
{{Blockedandtagged}}  Blocked and tagged
{{GlobalLocksRequested}} Redirect arrow Global locks requested
{{8ball}} magic eight ball The CheckUser Magic 8-Ball says: