Description change


This produces a flag icon of a country attached to that country's wikilinked page.

  • country: Used for the name of the country or the three letter country code.
  • variant: Used For an alternative or historical flag to be used.
  • size: Used to change the flag icon size.

Usage examples change

  1. {{flagcountry|ESP}} Spain
    In this case, the country code for Spain (ESP) is used to produce the correct flag and wikilink. In many cases, it would probably be better to use {{flag}} to produce the same result, such as {{flag|Spain}} for this example. However, {{flagcountry}} could be used in other templates like infoboxes so that country codes can be used for those template parameters.
  2. {{flagcountry|ESP|1945}} Spain
    This is similar to the first example, but with a flag variant parameter to select a historical flag image. The wikilinked page is [[Spain]].