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This template can be used to transclude multiple stub templates into a single article while only one stub is displayed on that article. This can be useful for including the article in categories for multiple stubs. For example, {{us-bio-stub}} and {{sports-bio-stub}} in an article about an American athlete.

The template requires at least 2 stubs and can be used with up to 6 stubs.


{{multistub|stub1|Stub2| ... up to .. |stub6}}

The template automatically adds "-stub" to each stub name so this should not be included when the template is used.

For example, to use the three stubs {{sports-bio-stub}}, {{us-bio-stub}} and {{music-stub}}:


This would include the three listed stubs in the article, but only show the first one given. In this case the article would show the text to us-bio-stub.