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This template is used to call various functions related to the operation of the New York City Subway. You can call:

  • Line colors
  • Number of stations
    • Use {{NYCS const|number|total}} for MTA count, or {{NYCS const|number|total}} for international-standard count
  • Rolling stock assignments on rolling stock articles
  • Usage of rolling stock on subway service articles
  • References for:
    • Rolling stock assignments
      • Use {{NYCS const|thejoekorner|division name}} for total car count
      • Use {{NYCS const|stock|service name, number, or letter}} for rolling stock for some service
    • Maps
    • Service guides
    • Subway tracks
      • Use {{NYCS const|trackref|source}}. Accepted sources are nycsubway and 469.
    • Timetables
      • Use {{NYCS const|timetable|service name, number, or letter}}
  • Custom-formatted external references for YouTube and NYCsubway.org; also see {{NYCS ref}}
  • Lists of lines, services, and stations
    • Lines: Use {{NYCS const|list|lines}}
    • Stations: Use {{NYCS const|list|stations|option}}. Accepted options are complexes, complete, same name, and ridership.
    • Services: Use {{NYCS const|list|services|option}}. Accepted options are current, future, and timeline.
  • Links for See also sections
    • Use {{NYCS const|list|borolinks}} for lists of NYC Subway stations in other boroughs
    • Use {{NYCS const|list|stalinks}} for lists of NYC Subway stations of other types
  • Nomenclature tables
    • Use {{NYCS const|list|nomenclature|division}}. Accepted divisions are IRT, IND, BMT, and IRT/BMT.