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This template alerts people to an article or section of an article that appears to rely on a single source. Basing encyclopaedic material on a single source is not ideal because it may be incorrect or only representing one point of view. Without other sources, accuracy or neutrality may be damaged. By finding multiple independent sources, the reliability of the encyclopaedia is improved.



For whole articles:

  • {{One source|date=June 2021}}

For sections within articles:

  • {{One source|section|date=June 2021}}


As with most cleanup templates, the date= parameter sorts the article into subcategories of Category:Articles needing additional references, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first.

Notes on useEdit

  • This template should only be used for encyclopaedic content which has a verified, cited source, but only the one source.
  • A single source is not automatically a problem. Good judgment and common sense should be used.
  • Please consider improving the article or making a good-faith attempt to find additional citations before adding this template.
  • It is considered good form to provide a reason in your edit summary or on the talk page of the article. The more specifically you describe your concerns, the less likely other editors are to misunderstand.
  • If you believe problems exist beyond the sources themselves, address that issue with an appropriate template (see below), rather than simply questioning the sources.
  • Do not subst: this template.
  • Articles using this template will be added to Category:Articles needing additional references.

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