Template:Railway line legend

Key to symbols
Colour scheme
Railway line Light rail or metro line
In use Not in use Tunnel In use Not in use Tunnel
Station at start of line
Major Station
Station with disabled access
Station without express service (ie. local services only)
Unstaffed/minor station
Unstaffed/minor station without express service (ie. local services only)
Closed / planned station on open line
Interchange station (with suburban or light rail network)
Cross-platform interchange
Railway station hub
Depot or freight station
Closed / planned depot or freight station on open line
Junction to a closed line
Bridge over other line
Metro / tram / light rail on over-bridge
Flat crossing
Interchange station on junction (undefined structure)
High level station
Triangular junction
Continuous line outside of "this" diagram
One-way track(s) with specific directionality
Motorway (British symbol)
Bridge across water
Change of mileage or kilometrage
Border or boundary
Customs or border control
Track switch/crossover
Level crossing
Ferry (integral part of route)
Ferry (independent)
Station serving airport
Station serving heliport
Station with interchange to tram
Station with interchange to aerial tram or cable-car
Line end on open line

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