The {{-"}} (or {{Space+double}} in long form) template is for use at the end of a 'single-quoted' wikilink or a wikilink ending in an apostrophe or other similar punctuation or diacritic, which is immediately followed by a "double-quote" quotation mark ("). Its purpose is to slightly space the single and double quotation marks apart for legibility, without actually inserting a space character. It does this with CSS, and does so because the insertion of an extraneous space character of any kind would be a violation of the semantic integrity of the web content of the article or other page in which it appeared. For non-link spacing of this sort, see {{' "}} (or Template:Single+double).

Example (with highlighting added for clarity)
  • Using the template:
The song title was "[[Hustlin']]{{-"}}.
The song title was "Hustlin'".
  • For comparison, here is the completely unspaced version:
The song title was "[[Hustlin']]".
The song title was "Hustlin'".
  • And here is the version with a semantically incorrect non-breaking space character:
The song title was "[[Hustlin']] ".
The song title was "Hustlin' ".
When rendered, the non-breaking-spaced version looks similar to or the same as the template version, but improperly mixes content and presentation.

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