• This template can be used to display a status indicator along the top of your user page and/or user talk page.
  • It accepts five parameters that should be placed in Special:Mypage/Status: online, busy, around, offline, sleep
  • It is compatible with the Qui status system developed by Hazard-SJ and TheDJ
  • It will only work in the user/user talk namespaces.

By default, the output will be as follows
  • Status: Online Ledgreen.png - online
  • Status: Busy Ledorange.png - busy
  • Status: Around Ledblue.png - around
  • Status: Custom Ledblue.png - custom. (if sleep= is defined)
  • Status: Offline Nuvola apps krec.svg - offline
  • Status: Sleeping Nuvola apps krec.svg - sleep (default)
  • Status: Unknown Ledgray.png - if your status is not being reported correctly
The first parameter is optional and may be used to point to a status page other than Special:Mypage/Status
Can also accept named parameters
  • offset: can be used to offset the status display further to the left
  • offsettop: can be used to offset further down
  • sleep: redefine the "sleep" parameter to anything you like
Example usage
  • {{Statustop|offset=30}}
    – the offset parameter is in px units
  • {{Statustop|link=User talk:Xenocidic/Status|offset=500}}
    – the default is to leave the text and image unlinked
  • {{Statustop|link=User talk:Xenocidic/Status|img_link=Template:Statustop|offset=10}}
    – the img_link parameter accepts both wikipages and external URLs
  • {{Statustop|User:SomeOtherUser/Status}}
    – could be used on a bot page to display the bot-op's status.
  • {{Statustop|sleep=IRC}} - for setting the custom parameter

Unknown statusEdit

If the template is showing as "unknown", then you haven't set your status. You can use the Qui status script or this one to easily update your Special:MyPage/Status page.

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