This template was originally intended as a separate "supplement" template used for essays like Wikipedia:The difference between policies, guidelines and essays. In discussions about how to improve and explain policies and guidelines, many editors thought that it would be easier to handle significant, yet overly detailed or instructional material on separate pages, instead of trying to shoehorn them directly into the official policy or guideline pages causing instructional creep. See also Criticism of Wikipedia § Excessive rule-making and Wikipedia:Content forking/Internal § Policy forks.

Current usageEdit

Use this template carefully, only when there is a well-established consensus at the relevant policy or guideline page to use this template on an essay that links from the relevant policy or guideline.

The noun supplement does not mean "an interpretation" nor just "something added". It means precisely "something added, especially to make up for a deficiency", in this case a lack or gap in an official Wikipedia's policy or guideline. The intent is to further elaborate on Wikipedia's policies or guidelines in an impartial and informative manner.

Note: this template does not indicate a "higher status" within the community for an essay, but is used to denote that the essay in question has wide acceptance to be linked from said policy or guideline page. If consensus changes or content is outdated and the essay is no longer referenced in a policy or guideline, change the tag to the more common {{Essay|interprets=}}, {{Guidance essay|interprets=}} or {{Information page}} template, as appropriate.


This template has an |interprets= a.k.a. |pages= parameter that must be used. Replaces "such guidance" with "the foo" where "foo" is a link to one or more policies or guidelines and label(s) for what they are, e.g.:

  • |interprets=[[Wikipedia:No original research]] policy
  • |interprets=[[Wikipedia:Manual of Style]] guideline
  • |interprets=[[Wikipedia:No original research]] and [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]] policies
  • |interprets=[[Wikipedia:Verifiability]] policy and [[Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources]] guideline

The template also has optional |shortcut=, |shortcut2=, |shortcut3=, and |shortcut4= parameters that can be used to add a Shortcut: box to the right-side, with up to four shortcuts.

Error: No page specifiedEdit


  • {{supplement|interprets=[[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]] policy}}
  • {{supplement|interprets=[[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]] policy|shortcut=WP:SHORTCUT|shortcut2=WP:SHORTCUT2}}
  • {{supplement|interprets=[[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]] and [[Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons]] policies}}


This template adds a page to Category:Wikipedia supplemental pages.

See alsoEdit

  • {{Information page}} – the banner template for pages that are more just informational and non-opinionated like WP:GOV
  • {{Wikipedia how-to}} – the banner template for pages that are more directly instructional and non-opinionated like H:EDIT.
  • {{Essay|interprets=}} – the banner template for pages that are more opinionated then instructional or technical; there are several parameters and variations.
  • Wikipedia:Template messages/Wikipedia namespace – for more "Wikipedia:"-namespace header templates.