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This template returns a list of existing archive sub-pages with names that end in a four-digit year (starting at 2000). The list is in short format, i.e. just the four-digit years, separated by commas or sep. Each year is linked to the matching archive. All entries are on a single line with no line breaks, in a format suitable to pass to parameter list of Template:archives. Makes use of Template:Yearly archive list/display, Template:For loop and Module:string.


{{ Yearly archive list 
| root   = 
| prefix = 
| sep = 


Default = {{FULLPAGENAME}}/.
Can be used to specify which page is searched. The default is the page where the template is placed. Use prefix for anything that belongs between the trailing slash and the year number.


Default = "Archive " (No quotes, but note trailing space.)
Specify a base that will be inserted between root and the four-digit year. Use   to represent a whitespace between the prefix and the year, since leading trailing spaces are stripped from named parameters before being passed. Quotes don't help.


Default = ", " (No quotes, but note trailing space.)
Specify the separator between each year. Use   to represent a whitespace between each year/


{{ Yearly archive list
| root   = Talk:Ionizing radiation
| prefix = Archive 

will find all the archives of Talk:Ionizing radiation and return

Using the defaults, {{Yearly archive list}}, if placed on Talk:Ionizing radiation, would also return

If the archives are named by year only, immediately preceded by a '/' (slash), then the default prefix must be overwritten. For example, if an archive is of the form User talk:Ytrottier/Archives/2005 then this:

{{ Yearly archive list
| root   = User talk:Ytrottier/Archives
| prefix = 

or if placed directly on User talk:Ytrottier this:

{{ Yearly archive list
| prefix = /Archives/

will return .


The first year must be after 1999 (can be changed), the final year must be 2031 (10 years in the future, can be changed).

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