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Template copied from English WP


I copied this template from en:Template:Buddhism, deleted everything for which there is no article her on Simple English WP and included some things for which there is an article (e.g., Dalai Lama, Metta). The main purpose to provide a means by which Simple English WP readers can easily navigate around Simple English WP Buddhism articles. Secondarily, it is to encourage WP editors to see where there are existing holes in this encyclopedia's Buddhism material and to then fill the hole in.

Two additional basic changes I've made in copying this from English WP are: (1) removed "collapsible" feature -- I think that this template is currently too small to warrant it; and, (2) restored prior burgundy border -- this was meant to represent the monastic robes of Tibet, Myanmar, etc.; someone removed the burgundy border from the English template while I was on a wikibreak and I'm simply too busy to change it back and then deal with the possible subsequent revert war.

With metta,
Larry Rosenfeld 18:31, 10 November 2007 (UTC)Reply

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