multilinear map on some combination of scalars, vectors, covectors, and tensors

A tensor is a mathematical object. Tensors provide a mathematical framework for solving physics problems in areas such as elasticity, fluid mechanics and general relativity.[1] The word tensor comes from the Latin word tendere meaning "to stretch".

A tensor of order zero (zeroth-order tensor) is a scalar (simple number).[2] A tensor of order one (first-order tensor) is a linear map that maps every vector into a scalar.[2] A vector is a tensor of order one.[2] A tensor of order two (second-order tensor) is a linear map that maps every vector into a vector (e.g. a matrix).[2]

In linear algebra, the tensor product of two vector spaces and , ,[3] is itself a vector space. It is a way of creating a new vector space analogous of multiplication of integers.[4]



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