Terumi Koyama

Japanese Go player

Terumi Koyama (小山栄美)[1] is a Japanese professional Go player at Nihon Ki-in.[2][3][4] Her husband, son and father in law are also professional Go players.[2][3][4] Her mentor is Masao Kato.[5]


Year Notes[2][3][4]
1987 Obtained professional status
1996-1998 & 2005 Obtained the Women Grand Master title (女流名人). She defeated Tomoko Kato, Tomoko Ogawa and Izumi Kobayashi at the title match.
1996 Received the female MVP (棋道賞女流賞). She was promoted to 5 dan in this year.
1997 Finalist at the NEC Rookie Tournament[6] (ja:NEC俊英囲碁トーナメント戦). She became the first female player to be a finalist at any non-gender title matches.[7][8]
1999 Obtained 200 career wins
2006 Obtained 300 career wins
2009 Promoted to 6 dan


  1. Her former name is Terumi Nishida (西田栄美). During 1999 to 2002, she used the name "Mitsuru Koyama" (小山滿鶴).
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