Thae Yong-ho

North Korean defector and South Korean politician

Thae Yong-ho (Hangul: 태영호; Hanja: 太永浩; born 25 July 1962), also known as Tae Ku-min (Hangul: 태구민; Hanja: 太救民), is a North Korean-born South Korean politician and former diplomat. He became North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2006. He defected with his family to South Korea in 2016.[1] Thae has been called highest-ranking North Korean official to defect. He is a member of the People Power Party. He has served as a member of the National Assembly for the Gangnam district of Seoul since 2020.

Thae at the US Capitol in 2017

Thae was born in Pyongyang. He is married to O Hye-son and has two sons.

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