The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome

1983 studio album by Slade

The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome is a 1983 rock album by English band Slade. It was the band's eleventh studio album. The album featured two successful UK top ten singles, whilst the album itself peaked at #49 in the UK. It was the band's most successful album of the 1980s.

The album featured the singles "(And Now the Waltz) C'est La Vie", "My Oh My" and "Run Runaway".

Track listingEdit

  1. "Slam the Hammer Down" (Holder/Lea)
  2. "In the Doghouse" (Holder/Lea)
  3. "Run Run Away" (Holder/Lea) UK #7
  4. "High and Dry" (Holder/Lea)
  5. "My Oh My" (Holder/Lea) UK #2
  6. "Cocky Rock Boys (Rule O.K.)" (Holder/Lea)
  7. "Ready To Explode" (Holder/Lea)
  8. "(And Now the Waltz) C'est La Vie" (Holder/Lea) UK #50
  9. "Cheap 'N' Nasty Luv" (Holder/Lea)
  10. "Razzle Dazzle Man" (Holder/Lea)