The Bushwackers (band)

Australian folk and country music band

The Bushwackers Band was first called the Bushwackers and Bullockies Band. It is an Australian folk and country music band. It was active from the early 1970s to 1984. The group started as a trio playing around Latrobe University, Melbourne. The players were Dave Isom, Jan Wositzky and Bert Kanahoff.[1] Their first album, The Shearer's Dream was made in 1974 with Dobe Newton on lagerphone and vocals, Mick Slocum on accordions and vocals, Jan Wositzky on harmonica, bush bass and vocals, Tony Hunt on fiddle and viola and Dave Isom on guitar.

The Bushwackers
The Bushwackers in 2010
The Bushwackers in 2010
Background information
OriginMelbourne, Australia
GenresFolk, Country music
Years active1973-1984, 1993-
LabelsAstor, EMI
MembersDobe Newton, Roger Corbett, Mark Oats, Clare O'Meara, Michael Vidale, Adrian Cannon

Recordings include Faces in the Street, Beneath the Southern Cross, Bushfire, Murrumbidgee and The Shearers Dream. some of these were made through Australian record label Astor Records. The album And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda was made with EMI records in 1976. It is regarded as one of their best recordings.

Many songs were settings of poetry written by Australian bush poets including Henry Lawson.

Band members change

Other members and musicians who have played and recorded with the band over the years include:

  • Andy Colville
  • Roger Corbett
  • Pete Farndon
  • Steve Groves
  • Michael Harris
  • Dave Kidd
  • Fred Kuhnl
  • Trevor Lucas
  • Gregory Martin
  • Dave Mattacks
  • Louis McManus
  • Eddy van Roosendael.

In the 90's the band reformed with Newton and Corbett back in the lineup.

The band members in 2000 were:

  • Dobe Newton: Vocals, lagerphone, bones, whistle and bodhran.
  • Roger Corbett: - Vocals, bass guitar, songwriter, producer, manager.
  • Mark Oats: Fiddle.
  • Justin Duggan; Drums.
  • Tim Gaze: Vocals, guitars, songwriter, producer.
  • Pamela Drysdale: Vocals, piano accordion, guitar, songwriter, poet.

The band members in 2008 were:[2]

  • Dobe Newton - vocals, lagerphone percussion
  • Roger Corbett - vocals, bass
  • Tony O’Neill - guitar
  • Ben Corbett - electric guitar
  • Mark Oats - fiddle
  • Clare O’Meara - fiddle and mandolin
  • Justin Duggan - drums

In 2010 the band members were:

  • Dobe Newton - vocals, lagerphone, percussion, whistle
  • Roger Corbett - vocals and guitar
  • Mark Oats - fiddle
  • Clare O'Meara - fiddle and accordion
  • Michael Vidale - bass
  • Adrian Cannon - drums

Recordings change

  • The Shearers Dream (1974)
  • Beneath the Southern Cross (1981)
  • And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (1976)
  • Murrumbidgee (1977)
  • Bushfire (1979)
  • The Bushwackers Dance Album (1980)
  • Faces In The Street (1981)
  • Warrigal Morning - music for the film Bush Christmas (1983)
  • Down There For Dancing (1982)
  • No Nuts 'Til Monday (2000)
  • Handy (2003)
  • April 25 (2006)
  • Ned (2007)
  • The Lawson Project (2008) - spoken word recording

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