The Iron Giant

1999 film by Brad Bird

The Iron Giant is a 1999 science fiction action fantasy animated film produced by Warner Bros. It’s based on a book by Ted Hughes.

Hogarth Hughes as Will Stronghold (both main characters, curious, intelligent and help those that are needed) Coraline Jones as Layla Williams (both girlfriends to Hogarth and Will) Dean McCoppin as Steve Stronghold/The Commander (both got married to Annie and Josie) Annie Hughes as Josie DeMarco Stronghold/Jet-stream (both have red hair and cooks food) Chris Hargensen as Gwen Grayson (both main villains and ex-girlfriends to Hogarth and Will) Shredder as Royal Pain James “Jimbo” Jones as Warren Peace (both arch enemies to Hogarth and Will) Connor Cleveland (Me) as Ethan Banks (both wear glasses) Kiki Beauregard as Magenta Lewis (both tomboyish and girlfriends to Tombo and Zack) Kiki Beauregard (Pony) as Magenta (Guinea Pig) Tombo Capaldi as Zack Braun (both kind, helpful and boyfriends to Kiki and Magenta) Regan Blackburn (OC) as Penny Lent (both seniors, mean spirited at times and a best friend to Chris and Gwen) Chase Young as Lash (both attempt to bully) Broly as Speed (both also attempt to bully) Vice Principal Luna as Principal Powers (both principals and send the baddies in detention) Ash Williams as Coach Boomer (both performed by Bruce Campbell) Fagin as Ron Wilson Bus Driver (both can drive vehicles) Granny as Nurse Spex (both old, wise, and can help things) Krusty the Clown as Stitches (both clowns and I know Krusty is good and Stitches is bad) Cale Tucker as Jonathan Boy/All American Boy Dr Stephan Strange as Professor Medulla (both scientists and work at the lab) Charlie Brown as Larry Dipper Pines as Carbon Copy Kid Young Franny Robinson as Freeze Girl Arnold Shortman, Bart Simpson, T.J. Detweiler, Kevin McCallister and Helga Pataki as Themselves (Will's Gang) Alexandra Hughes as Herself (Will's Sister/Steve and Josie's Daughter)

American and Canadian re-dubbed version


Possible sequel


On July 2017, Warner Animation Group announced that development for the sequel to the film titled The Iron Giant Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens will based on A Christmas Carol novel. Following that month, Diesel and Aniston will reprise the roles of The Iron Giant and Annie Hughes.