The Long Patrol

1997 novel by Brian Jacques

The Long Patrol is a children's fantasy book written by Brian Jacques in 1997. It is the tenth book in the Redwall series. The Long Patrol has been translated into four different languages including Finnish, French, Italian, and Swedish.

The Long Patrol
AuthorBrian Jacques
IllustratorAllan Curless
Cover artistChris "Fangorn" Baker
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreFantasy novel
PublisherHutchinson (UK) & Philomel (US)
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback and paperback)
Pages384 (UK Hardback) & 358 (US Hardback)
ISBN0-09-176546-3 (UK Hardback) & ISBN 0-399-23165-X (US Hardback)
Preceded byThe Pearls of Lutra 
Followed byMarlfox 

Plot summaryEdit

A young hare named Tammo wants to join the Long Patrol, the army of fighting hares that serves the Ruler of the mountain Salamandastron. But meanwhile Damug Warfang the rat and his evil army of cruel Rapscallions are coming.[needs to be explained]