The Museum of Philistine Culture

museum in Israel

Coordinates: 31°47′57.22″N 34°38′31.39″E / 31.7992278°N 34.6420528°E / 31.7992278; 34.6420528

The Corinne Mamane Museum of Philistine Culture (Hebrew: המוזיאון לתרבות הפלשתים ע"ש קורין ממן) is an archaeological museum in Ashdod, Israel. It explores the culture of the Philistines that lived in the area of the city. The museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to the Philistines culture. It was the first museum that opened in Ashdod in 1990.

Museum of Philistine Culture
Location16 HaShayatim st. Ashdod
TypeArt and History

Corinne Mamane was a Jewish student born in Casablanca in Morocco. She was killed in 1984 in a car accident in France during her university studies.

The museum has 3 floors. The first is an exhibition of the Philistines culture. The second is for changing exhibitions. The third floor is dedicated to the "Philistines Kitchen" by exploring the food culture of the Aegean sea.


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