The Rage: Carrie 2

1999 film directed by Katt Shea

The Rage: Carrie 2 is a 1999 American horror science fiction sequel movie. It follows classic 1976 horror movie Carrie.

Background change

The director said that the movie shows how difficult it is to be a young woman today.[1]

Plot summary change

Rachael/Rachel, like Carrie, is a high school outcast who attends Bates High School, except that it is a new building because Carrie destroyed the first one. Also like Carrie, she has telekinetic powers, the ability to move things with your mind, powers. Throughout the movie, there is flashbacks to events that happened in the first movie.[2] Unlike Carrie, the prom violence is graphic impalings with flying CDs and fireplace pokers.[1] Rachael's telekinetic powers are first shown when her Lisa commits suicide by jumping off of the roof of the school.[3]

Reception change

Rob Nelson, of City Pages, said that the movie's obsessive focus on predatory teen-male sexuality — and female fragility in the face of it — clearly pegs this as the work of a feminist.[1] Marc Savlov, of Austin Chronicle said that the movie does not even deliver one good shock.[3]

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