The Shadows No. 2

1961 EP by The Shadows

The Shadows No. 2 is an extended play 45 rpm record released in 1961 by The Shadows. It was released on Columbia Records/EMI Records as SEG 8148 in mono and reached #12 in the UK EP charts in January, 1962.[1]

All the songs on the record had previously been released on the album The Shadows, and more songs from the album were to be released on the EP The Shadows No. 3. There appears never to have been a The Shadows No. 1.

The liner notes were written by Cliff Richard.[2]

Track listing

Side 1
  1. "Shadoogie" (Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris, Tony Meehan)
  2. "Nivram" (Marvin, Welsh, Harris)
Side 2
  1. "Baby My Heart" (Sonny Curtis)
  2. "See You in My Drums" (Meeham)


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